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Aero Widget is an easy way to monitor and count your GSM or WIFI current network usage.


  •  home screen widget showing the signal level, network name and type,
  •  counters in the status bar  (current transfer),
  •  traffic monitor,
  • data transfer scheduler, (IMPORTANT:  need root on android 5 or above)
  • support for the Aero2 Captcha (in Poland)


Provides information over the currently used network , whether WIFI or cellular connection.
Widget showing: network type, network name, signal strength (dBm)


counters400Counters in the status bar:

Displays current download or upload speed directly on status bar. This helps you to monitor network connection anytime while using your device.


trafic400Traffic monitor:

Main screen. Left screen presents Your IP Address and Hostname. Right screen is network showing:

  •  session time – time from last reboot device.
  • amount of download and upload data over WIFI and GSM together (local network too),
  • amount of download and upload data over GSM,
  • current transfers (on current internet connection),
  • signal level in dBm (same as on widget)

The graph shows the transfers of the last two minutes.

After reboot all counters are clean.

Data transfer scheduler:

Warning: need root on android 5 and above.
Disables data transmission when the screen is blank. Optionally, can turn every several minutes (your choice) to retrieve the message.  If you choice 0 minutes, cyclic switching is off.

For easy control of transmission saving app contains a widget switch this option.

Support for Aero2:

Support for Aero2 network in Poland (captcha, notification, etc.)